Broken wrist & Knitting

Hi, I broke my wrist 5 weeks ago.  I didn’t know how much knitting meant to me until this happened.  Well, I get a lot of pleasure from knitting so I searched Google for knitting with a broken wrist.  Apparently, there are a lot of us still knitting with this condition.

So, I continue to knit with 1 more week and my splint will be off.

I would like to know if any of you have continued to knit through injuries with the arm.

I will be ordering more yarn in the next couple of weeks and I plan on knitting more hand warmers and texting mitts for the coming seasons.

Happy Knitting Happy Felting


Knitting Patterns Available

Ladies Hand-warmersblack gloves beads 003Hi and Happy New Year

I now have 9 patterns for sale at  Just search for KnitIdea.

Most of my patterns are for Texting Hand-warmers and Texting Mittens.  They are available in Petite, Tall and Regular sizes.  The Tall patterns are for Men and Women.

I hope you will have a look at all that is available.  You just may find your next project!

Thanks for looking and enjoy your day.KnitIdea’s Knitting Patterns


Felted Knitting Patterns

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays

I recently posted some of my knitting patterns at

I have 9 published so far with many more to come.

Some of my patterns are for Tall, Regular and Petite ladies and men.

I hope you will go to the site and have a look and you may just find your next project.

Thanks and enjoy your Knitting!KnitIdea Patterns


LADIES Texting Felted Hand-warmers

Stencilled Ballerina which has been treated and will not wash out.  Hand wash only.

I created the hand-warmers because my oldest daughter is a dancer & dance teacher and I like the look of a ballerina.  I enjoy stencilling on items.  I have stencilled on socks, hand-warmers, sewing clothes etc.  I have even stencilled on wood.

Happy KnittingIMG_0873IMG_0876IMG_1259IMG_1262IMG_0978IMG_0992IMG_1212


HI, I’m back!

I designed a pattern for TEXTING MITTS using a chunky yarn because I wanted something that would be a quick knit.

I will be posting a PATTERN for them that will be available in my ETSY shop.


Happy Knitting everyone!  Susan

Baby Toddler Winter/Spring/Fall Handknit Hats

IMG_1203IMG_1211 IMG_1210 IMG_1207 IMG_1204Hello

I have been busy knitting baby toddler hats.  I found this amazing yarn that knits up into flowers as you knit.  I will show here a sample of that yarn in blues and another in greens.

I have also added some satin ribbon to complete the look.  I must say I am very happy with this yarn and will be ordering more.

They are available in my esty shop at:

<a href=”//″><img width=”160″ height=”600″ src=”//”></a>

Tall Men’s Felted Handwarmers Texting Handwarmers

Hi, I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything.  I am going to change that starting now.

I have been very busy since June 2014.  I have been knitting every day for up to 9 hours a day.  I am currently working on a  pair of Tall Men’s Felted Handwarmers.  The pair I’m making are for my son but I will be offering these felted handwarmers in my etsy store.  I will also be making a pair of Ladies Tall Felted Handwarmers.  My oldest daughter is 6 foot and my son is 6.5 feet.  As well my son-in-law is 6.7 feet.  So I have lots of models for my handwarmers.

My daughter says to make them with a long cuff because she is tall and doesn’t always buy tall sizes.  So, 3 of her winter coats are regular size and the sleeves are not long enough for her arms length and she complained that her wrists are always exposed to the cold and wind.  Anyway, I listened and will be making them as she requested.

I will post a picture once they are complete.  Happy Knitting!!

KnitIdea Patterns

Twisted Stitches in the round

IMG_0889 IMG_0890

Hi, I ordered and received some 100% wool so that I could make some felted products.  They will be available in my etsy shop soon.

Well, I started a felted bowl.  I needed to cast on 88 stitches.  I did that and then I started knitting in the round and about 6 rounds down, I noticed that I had twisted my stitches.  I thought, with all my experience knitting, I could still twist them!!

Needless to say, I ripped it out and started again.  This time I checked after only 2 rounds.  They were fine and so I continued making my bowl.

It turned out really nice and I painted some stars around the circumference.  I will include pictures of 2 different bowls that I made.

Happy Knitting!