Lilac Knitted Necklace with accent beads

I’ve had this lilac yarn in my stash for years. I had made my oldest daughter a large tunic sweater for her birthday some years ago. The other day I found this yarn again. It had brought me some nostalgia so I decided to make a necklace with it.
I love to use beads to add some fun and interest in my necklaces so I started searching what I already had. My search was unsuccessful so I decided to try my luck at the store.
I found the perfect match! I found two styles of beads that went perfectly with the lilac yarn.

Both the yarn and beads are acrylic Measuring 20 inches.

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Black Mohair Knitted Necklace

This necklace is handmade using a beautiful lightweight mohair yarn. It is embellished with beads to add some fun.
I really liked working with this yarn, especiallly because the beads were already woven into the yarn.
This necklace measures 20 inches.

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Black Mohair Knitted Necklace